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Winchester 1886 Antique First Model Deluxe Rifle .45-90 s/n 5524
Private Collection

Winchester 1886 Antique First Model Deluxe Rifle .45-90 s/n 5524
mfg 1887 - 26” round matted barrel; half mag; case hardened receiver with “xxxx” marked on lower tang; engraved hammer, lever and forend cap ($2 of engraving); sporting front and rear sights; deluxe 4-x presentation grade pistol grip checkered walnut stocks with ebony inlay; rubber shotgun buttplate. Factory ledger indicates caliber as .40-82 by ditto marks from above item--an obvious error in the records.

Private Collection

Winchester 1886 Semi-Deluxe Short Rifle .40-82 caliber s/n 53238
mfg 1891 - Special-order 21" octagon barrel; full mag; early-style uncapped, uncheckered pistol grip quarter-sawn walnut stock with ebony inlay and smooth steel shotgun butt. Barrel, mag and buttplate retain 99% of their original bright blue finish; receiver retains 99% brilliant case-colors; stocks retain all of their original varnish finish, bore appears unfired. Although Porter's research indicates four other 21" 1886s were produced, a rare combination of features makes this gun a one-of-a-kind.

Winchester 1886 Antique Deluxe Carbine .45-70 s/n 76080
Private Collection

Winchester 1886 Antique Deluxe Carbine .45-70 s/n 76080
mfg 1893 - 22" round barrel; full magazine; color case hardened receiver, hammer, lever and buttplate; square base front sight and "1873" marked carbine ladder rear sight; center crotch, uncheckered, flame grain walnut straight grip stocks w/carbine buttplate; buttstock & forearm band have factory sling swivels. Accompanied by a Cody Firearms Museum letter identifying this carbine in caliber 45-70 with fancy stock, sling & swivel and no sling ring, received in warehouse Feb. 11, 1893 and shipped two days later to Order #14103. Overall condition Very fine; barrel & magazine tube retain 98-99% strong original blue with fine surface freckling over the barrel; receiver retains brilliant case colors on sides, faded over the top and turning silver on top & turning silver/brown on bottom; lever & hammer retain strong case colors, brilliant in sheltered areas, faded to brown patina on outer faces of lever; buttplate retains about 70% strong case colors, worn to silver on heel & toe with fine handling marks and retains most of its original factory finish showing light wear on forend; mechanics are fine; bright shiny bore.

Private Collection

Winchester 1886 Takedown Short Rifle .50-100-450 s/n 127365 mfg 1902 - 22" round nickel steel takedown barrel; full magazine, Lyman ivory bead hunting front and semi-buckhorn rear sights; varnish finished straight grain walnut stocks with smooth steel shotgun buttplate. Upper inletting of buttstock has assembly number "118" with matching number in white pencil on rear face of buttstock under the buttplate and inside toe of buttplate. Winchester factory records identifies this rifle in caliber 50-100-450 with 22" round nickel steel barrel; plain trigger; takedown with flat top sporting rear & Lyman hunting front sights and shotgun butt; received in warehouse March 5, 1903 and shipped next day to Order #177374.

Condition: Extremely fine. Barrel & magazine tube retain about 98-99% strong original blue with only faint muzzle edge wear; receiver retains about 98% strong original blue with a couple of small scratches and a minor area of flaking on the top rear edge; takedown ring retains most of its original blue, turned dull on bottom; lever & hammer retain virtually all of their original case colors, strong & bright on hammer and sides of lever, also in sheltered places on the lever with the loop moderately faded; buttplate retains about 95% strong original blue showing wear at heel & toe; wood is sound with a small gouge on the forearm and a few light nicks & scratches elsewhere and overall retains about all of its strong original finish. Mechanics are crisp, brilliant shiny bore; possibly unfired. Bolt face & loading gate retain virtually all of their original factory finish.

The .50-100-450 cartridge was produced for only a short period of time (1894-1913) before being supplanted by the .50-110 cartridge. As such, very few rifles were marked as being chambered for this cartridge (331, and only 11 of these with 22� barrels) and very few of those are known today (about 20).

Private Collection

Winchester 1886 SRC .50-100-450 s/n 144649
mfg 1909 - 22" barrel, full magazine, square base front sight with German silver blade & carbine ladder rear sight; straight grain walnut stocks w/carbine buttplate. Accompanied by a Cody Firearms Museum letter which identifies this carbine in the caliber as noted, received in warehouse Feb. 5, 1909 and shipped next day to Order #192464. Overall condition is fine to very fine; barrel & magazine tube retain 97-98% strong original blue with a few tiny freckles of surface rust on top of the barrel; receiver retains 65-70% original blue with most of the balance having flaked, not worn, to a medium patina; hammer retains strong, bright case colors, turned silver on top edge; lever retains bright case colors on sides, turned silver on outer faces; buttplate retains about 90% strong original blue; stocks are sound with a few light handling marks and retains nearly all of its strong original factory finish; mechanics are crisp, brilliant shiny bore, shows very little use, just some poor storage. The 50-100-450 caliber was offered only fifteen years during the period 1895 - 1910. Given the very heavy bullet and commensurate brutal recoil, very few rifles or carbines were ever produced chambering this round. Few of those arms are found today with high condition original finish, especially carbines.


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