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Private Collection

Winchester First Model 1895 Experimental Musket .30 US s/n 2369
mfg 1896 – 28" round barrel; full magazine; 1,800-yard musket-style graduated ladder rear sight; forged ramp front sight with pinned steel blade and ivory bead; dense highly-figured tiger-striped walnut stocks w/carbine/musket buttplate, trap door, cleaning jag and brush implement; full forend with no upper handguard. Includes a very lengthy Winchester factory letter of authentication from the Cody Firearms Museum (see below) and one from renowned Winchester historian and author George Madis.

Winchester 1895 U.S.-Marked Musket .30 US caliber s/n 18689

Private Collection

Winchester 1895 U.S.-Marked Musket .30 US caliber s/n 18689
mfg 1898 - 28” round barrel; musket-style graduated rear sight; ramp style front sight with pinned steel blade; dense straight-grain walnut stocks w/carbine buttplate & trap door; full forend w/upper hand guard; U.S.-marked on top of receiver; K.S.M. (Kelly S. Morse) government inspector markings on barrel, forend, hammer, lever, trigger link and buttplate; rarely seen patent date marking on left side of receiver (correct for this serial range). Receiver retains 80% blue turning a smooth patina; barrel retains 90% blue thinning at the muzzle; mag, lever & buttplate retain 70% finish, stock remain in very good condition with minor dings and mars. An order for 10,000 model 1895 muskets was ordered by the Army on May 3, 1898, at a cost of $207,000. Only 100 of these muskets saw service in the Philippines, shipped from San Francisco in September of 1899 and were issued to the 33 rd Volunteer Infantry for testing. Sometime in 1900, they were returned to the US and were sold to a Boston arms dealer who presumably disposed of them on the commercial market. The remaining 9,900 muskets were purchased by the M. Hartley Company and most of them were eventually shipped to Cuba in 1906.

Winchester 1895 Deluxe Engraved Rifle .30 US s/n 31095 mfg 1901

Private Collection

Winchester 1895 Deluxe Engraved Rifle .30 US s/n 31095
mfg 1901 - 28” round barrel; rare early pattern factory engraved receiver by Stokes (similar to a pattern pictured in the Madis book); fancy tiger-striped checkered walnut stocks with rubber shotgun buttplate. Receiver and magazine retain 40% original blue, balance patina; barrel retains 85% blue; stocks retain almost all of their original varnish finish. Stokes was a Winchester factory engraver from approximately 1887 to 1920. All of the features of this gun, including the engraving by Stokes, are verified by Madis letter.

Private Collection

Winchester 1895 Second Model Cheekpiece Rifle 30 U.S. s/n 31191
mfg 1901 - 28" round barrel, straight grained, straight grip walnut stock with a cheek piece and hard rubber shotgun buttplate. Front sight is a beaded blade pinned in the integral base, with a Lyman Number 6 leaf rear and windage-adjustable Lyman 21 receiver sight. Equipped with sling swivel bases dovetailed into the barrel and screwed into the butt.

Winchester 1895 Deluxe Second Model Rifle .35 WCF s/n 38557 mfg 1902

Private Collection

Winchester 1895 Deluxe Second Model Rifle .35 WCF s/n 38557
mfg 1902 – 24” round matted barrel; fancy checkered cheek piece stock; Lyman hunting front, leaf and receiver sights; sling swivels, steel shotgun buttplate. Receiver and barrel retain 85% bright blue just starting to tone; lever retains about 40%; stocks retain all of their original varnish finish. Extremely rare deluxe ’95 with cheek piece and matted barrel. Includes authentication notes by the noted Winchester expert and historian, George Madis, describing the characteristics of this gun.

Private Cllection

Winchester 1895 Second Model Rifle .30 Army s/n 68180B
mfg 1910 - 28" round barrel, straight grain walnut in a factory modified musket configuration without top hand guard and shortened forend. Blade in integral base front and Lyman receiver sight; plug screws in barrel for an absent musket type sight. Barrel is marked with "8-25-16" and is in the unpolished, white. Rifle was used by Winchester as a test rifle being in inventory as of 3-11-1957 and listed in the book 'The Standard Velocity Test Rifle'.

Private Collection

Winchester 1895 Deluxe Takedown Cheekpiece Rifle .35 WCF s/n 73026
mfg 1911 – 24” round barrel; beaded dovetailed front sight in forged base with a Lyman Number 6 leaf rear and Lyman 21 receiver sight; fancy American walnut oil-finished checkered cheek piece stocks with hard rubber buttplate and oval gold inscription plate “FNS” inlayed into the top of the buttstock. Metal retains approximately 80-90% coverage of original thinning blue.
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