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The Henry, precursor to the Winchester

Model 1866

First Model Winchesters

Model 1873

"The gun that won the west"

Model 1876

The Centennial Model

Model 1885

The Single Shot

Model 1886

John M. Browning’s First Winchester Repeater

Model 1892

The last of the frontier Winchesters

Model 1894

The Classic Winchester

Model 1895

Teddy Roosevelt's "Big Medicine"

Model 1895 Lee

Unique Straight-Pull Action



Miscellaneous Long Arms

Other rifles and long guns




Articles about Winchesters and the colorful stories of men who used them

Personally, I Prefer The Winchester

Teddy Roosevelt and his love of the great American rifle

The Gun That Won The West

The model 1873

A Special Winchester

Thstory of a specially modified model 92

The Very First Winchester

The story behind the first Winchester.

Winchester #12476

Another story of the first Winchester

Guns of Many Voices

The Henry Repeating Rifle

The Henry Repeating Rifle

First of seven chapters on the Henry Repeating Rifle

The Henry Then

A history of the Henry

A 1874 Freund Sharps History

A history of the 1874 Fruend Sharps rifle

Spencer's Repeaters in the Civil War

A history of the Spencer repeater during the Civil War

The Spencer Then

A general history of the Spencer

Yellow Boy

A history of the Henry and it's "Yellow Boy" nicname

The Legnd of Tom Horn

A tale of the colorful Wild West

Yellowstone Kelly

The story of an Army scout in the West


The joy of collecting antique firearms


A collection fo interesting gun related links to other web sites and oth sites of interest


How to contact the owner of this collection with comments or questions about antique firearms.




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